Top 5 Free Photo Editing Software

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Photo editing is a fun job as it involves morphing photographs and reshaping them the way we want to. For many, it is a profession they enjoy and take pride in. It is an art that requires sufficient practice to be able to master on. Photo editing skills if properly acquired can lead to a well established career in the discipline.
For a beginner not knowing the basic applications of the features of photo editing, free photo editing software is best to begin with as it helps the user get along with the software just fine without having to spend money on product keys for other similar software. Free photo editing software can easily be downloaded from sites providing it and its installation needs only a little amount of time and storage memory. Out of much software, the top list of photo editing software are mentioned here.

Photo Editing


Developed in 1996, this photo editor has a huge number of users. Since its inception, it has reinforced its functions that placed it neck to neck with other mainstream photo editors, being able to perform tasks of noise reduction, distorted image correction and enhanced lighting. It is easily one of the best free photo editing software and also has the added advantage of being compatible with different operating systems and being able to save edited work in several formats. Best of all, it comes free.


A product of Google, picasa is a very user friendly photo editing software that comes with a freeware license and minimum memory requirements. It is not just photo editing software but also an image viewer with a separate gallery of its own. The editor offers several options like altering the brightness, red eye, tilting etc, providing a new user with most of the tools needed to learn editing, even though it cannot cut a free form shape out of the image like premium software.


This software is a very good free editing workspace which allows editing with viewing and saving in different formats including that of animation. Offering a wide range of features like zoom, pan, tilt, noise reduction and most of the other features of free photo editing software, it is a good choice for budding photo editors.

VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor

Another freeware product that matches many of the features of those provided by premier photo editing applications is the VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor. This comes with a very extensive color palette and services like pan, tilt, zoom and of course, noise reduction and caricature to provide a very creative work environment that is also very easy to comprehend. All this makes for a good starter for photo editing and a great freeware product.

Image Forge

This is another top rated freeware product that allows its users to freely retouch images, with options available to portray images in a whole new light and set up the quality of the image. It provides many other interesting and useful options for its users, making the overall experience very comforting.

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