The Sectors Of Planning For Diwali

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Diwali is a festival which has numerous parts and the numerous parts of the festival needs different types of planning for the celebration. The important aspect of the festival starts from the planning of making a purchase of the gifts and the planning ends up with the planning to arrange the celebration. The numerous parts of the festival that needs planning are discussed below with a brief description.


Planning for the Gifts

The planning of the gifts continues for a long time and the process starts a month before the celebration. The number of gifts to be bought and the person who will be given the gifts are to be listed and then is the planning for the type of gift they would be given is to be scheduled and then starts the buying process.

The online gifts are again to be scheduled and to be sent within the time phase so that the gifts reaches the person before the festival and the greetings card purchase and sending them to the proper address before the stipulated time is to be assured. One thing is to made sure that no one gets the gift after the event and the entire schedule is based on that basic though or planning.

Planning for the Decoration

Decoration of the house and the gardens is the part of the planning that comes out next. The house has to be found beautiful and for that there is the need of planning the decoration. How many diyas are to be placed and where to place them for the best possible illumination, how many garlands are needed and where to arrange them and how to arrange them for the best view, how many tiny bulb light garlands will make the house look like a temple and of what composition they would be, all this are the plannings for the Diwali decoration and they are to be listed at least one week before the festival to complete everything on time. For more Diwali decoration ideas visit happydiwaliblog.

Planning for the fireworks

The fireworks planning are another planning that is essential for an event of Diwali. Fireworks almost make the entire evening celebration of Diwali. So there should be arrangement made in this case, so that the celebration won’t stop in the middle. The first thing to be noted there is the number of hands that will ignite the fireworks. The number of hands needs categorization as all hands will not ignite the same category of the fire weapons. The next thing is to get the details of the time for which the celebration with fireworks will continue and the third thing is to make the final list of the purchase of the fire weapons for the evening celebration.

Planning for Dhanteras

The Dhanteras is the evening festival part and this part requires the utmost arrangement. The arrangement includes the organization for the worship of Goddess Laxmi and also the arrangement of the metal that is needed for the purpose of sacrifice for the Dhanteras purpose. The arrangement completes when the entire thing is completed a day before the event and then is the actual justification of the planning.

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