How To Fix The Showbox Server Error?

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Showbox is the best movie app among the users in the recent times. You watch latest movies and other Shows using this app. While watching videos, it shows “Server Error” and “Video is not available”. If you are seeing these messages, then you will check your Internet Connection. Your connection is poor, it shows again and again. But yet you have strong Internet Connection, it still shows some warning messages again that you might follow some steps to recover your problem.

Method – 1

Step 1
Go to ‘Settings’ on your device. Then you choose the apps from it.
Step 2
From the apps option, you find out the Showbox app and open it.
Step 3
It shows the information of Showbox such as version, storage, data usage, etc. You click the force stop button and after that uninstall the showbox app.
Step 4
Already you download Showbox apk file and save it on your ‘download’ file. Go to the Download file and download the showbox app from showbox.apk file.
Step 5
After installing the showbox app, open it and check any error has shown just now. Unless you couldn’t find any errors from Showbox, it is working properly now. You watch same it as movies and other TV Shows.

Method – 2

As you feel, you want Showbox again without following these steps and get it quickly from a single step. You can download Showbox latest Version by a single click. And so you don’t need to follow the long procedures. If any errors arise from Showbox, you will download the updated version of showbox.

Method – 3

While watching the movies from Showbox app, you couldn’t watch the full video and video has Stopped Suddenly. Are you facing these kinds of errors daily? You can try the method – 2 option. Once you uninstall the showbox app, it would remove your favorites permanently. You want to maintain your favorite shows and movies until some days. You follow the simple steps and not to deleting your favorite.

Go to Settings >> Apps (or) Application Manager >> Tap the Showbox App >> Show Info >> Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Tap both the clear cache and data button. After doing this process, open the Showbox app and check the video is working than before.

From these three methods, you could try any one method to resolve your problem. You won’t get success results from one method, you switch over the next method.

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