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Top 5 Train Traveling tips for newbies

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Indian Railways is the second largest railway network in the word. IRCTC is owned and controlled by the government of India through Railway ministry. In 2015, Indian Railways carried 8937 billion passengers annually. Approximately 23.5 million passengers a day. Half of this passengers are from the Sub-urban train (Local trains). IRCTC has introduced online facilities like IRCTC train schedule, local train booking, E-Catering services, E-wheelchair services Today’s post we are going to see the important tips which help to make your train travel safe and secure.
Train Travelling tips

  1. Avoid Huge luggage
  2. First thing is packing. Pack the luggage as much Low as possible. Take necessary things during the journey. Carrying over luggage may causes few problems.

  3. Making Reservation.
  4. Next, we have to concentrate on the reservation. Always reserve rooms in advance, when you are travelling in peak season. We can use an online website to reserve rooms and get 50 to 75% discount. IRCTCtourism is an official website of Indian railways. Here we can book hotels, Cab/Bus etc. These cabs and hotels are safe and secure.

  5. Ticket booking
  6. Book the tickets in advance. Booking options will open before 90 days of travel in indian railways website. is the official website for booking train tickets. After booking, check train PNR status before your travel. We can book a tatkal ticket on the previous day of the journey. Get tips for booking tatkal tickets here.

  7. Fix your budgets.
  8. Budget are biggest problem for teenage travelers. We can’t end up our trip in half way due to lake of money. So pre-plan your vacation. We can use public transport for travelling in local, staying in moderate hotels instead of staying in 3 star or 5-star hotels are the ways to reduce our budgets. We can save more money by eating in local shops, it will be taster than high-class hotels.

  9. Interact With Locals
  10. “When in Rome, do what Romans do.” Interact With Local people, learn local etiquettes, taste local food. Try to learn few words in the local language.

Get more information about Indian Railways and PNR status before booking IRCTC tickets through online.

How To Make Your Instagram Followers Into Potential Customers?

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Before coming to the topic, you need to know about Instagram and what all is about. Nowadays Instagram is a best place for brands. It’s like a self-promote your products and connects with consumers through this medium. Instagram is not like a Facebook, Twitter. It’s just a market place to get brands when it customer needs. Then how you get your brand into likes, followers… etc. here I have listed three categories to change your followers to customers.

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Brand your quality products than just offering it:

When you are planned to sale your brands on the Instagram the little time to improve your sales. In the other social media, they are giving discounts for products and offering coupons, deals to sale a product. This what most of the business are doing. But the fact is that the quality of the products not that much good. Here where your Instagram followers, they have already an interest to Buy followers or brands, now you just motivate them to purchase brands.

To this method you were not get followers and increasing sales. The reason is followers feel like they have the inside news story on it. One think you can do is working out for your own way such as you make to different post on your brand regularly on your wall. Automatically followers may join you in future.

Turn your Store into a Big Advertisement:

This may be a filter effect, but the Instagram has the ability to make desirable. For example, when you have dinner party on your restaurant, capture those enjoyable scenes and delicious foods and everything and you can feed on your Instagram fall, the really feel like see a part of the dinner and they feel to go there.

This is a tricky method to get followers on instagram and getting more sales on your brands. Normally people come on the restaurant, but think is needing an online reputation. Constantly posting pictures of the yummy treats and well-styled mingling that define their pop-up parties. If you build it up, they will come.

Focus your fans activities:

Follow your fans and follow your fans snap pictures. It will build a positive customers review & enhances your products with a visual example of how to use and enjoy it. As brands start to grow a presence on Instagram the potential to convert a follow into a purchase will continue to increases. Still you are not possible to get followers on your account, another way is that choose any one the instagram service provider to buy instagram followers to them. If you have number followers on your Instagram page, followers may convert into customers.

Using graphical platforms including instagram, content sharing has expressing can be a two way of street. The best way to begin will be simply by mastering the way to communicate with images to begin with. Ultimately you’ll include power to setting the conversation to better reach your fans and followers.

From the above, use these strategies on your Instagram. Convert your followers into your regular customer. Build up this follower may convert into customer in future.