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HostGator – Growing Steady And Fast

Posted by Ronald Parker on June 25, 2014No Comments

HostGator started its journey from Florida but now they have moved to Houston, Texas. They occupy 20,000 square foot of space with number of employees crossing hundreds. It is not only good for the users but it is also good for environment too because it has turned into a green company which uses wind energy for powering up.
If you love to go by the numbers then here is one fact that will surely help you in showing faith in this service provider. HostGator is one of the fastest, most flexible and the most importantly it is very much user friendly. In today’s world where it has become a necessity to be on the internet so that you don’t lose out on your business, you have to select a perfect web hosting services to stay ahead in the competition.

HostGator Hosting

Making room for improvement in business

HostGator is improving every day and it provides scope for business to grow as well. It will always keep you updated and the control panel shows you the pages with error in your web portal and other value added features will help you improve your website.

If you are new in the business or if you are one of those who are trying to get a strong foothold in the market, you know very well that how a good web hosting service can help you. With budget constraint you can always look for some of the Hostgator coupon codes that are on display at various sites. This will help you to get the already cheap but effective service provider at a cheaper rate.
HostGator has gone green in order to serve you better so now they have natural energy like the wind energy or the solar energy to power up and they also have purchased some energy credit. If you want to contribute towards society, then you have the option right in front of you.

Growing greener with each passing day

Now 130% of wind energy is used in by HostGator their web hosting services. HostGator knows that if they use more servers than they will be emitting more carbon so they have shifted their concern and this way impact of the emission is reduced a lot.

When you are using HostGator web hosting services then that means even you are contributing towards healthy environment which is is the need of the hour. If the number of servers is increased then that will automatically boost up the emission of carbon which will harm the environment. Even their customer service is simply superb so if you are stuck in the middle then the experts are there to guide you. Read Hostgator customer reviews before host your website.
If you are from India and want to host your website with the best web hosting services then you can use the HostGator coupons India in order to get the best offer. If you are stuck then you can raise a trouble – ticket and within no time somebody from the customer service will answer your queries.