10 Lesser Known But Must Try Apps After Android Rooting

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Orange Backup

This app performs a decent backup allowing complete system level backup of your android phone device. You can restore not only essential data and apps, but they also will be in the same state as you had them in while before taking backup. It is as if the snapshot of your previous android state is restored.

Android Rooted Apps


Android systems are known to possess vulnerabilities that can cause battery drain ultimately leading to poor batter backup and performance. Greenify is an answer to this problem. This app identifies and hibernates your most battery sucking apps and puts them under low battery consumption mode when you are seldom using them.

Screen Standby

It is very annoying when the connection timeouts within your android smartphones are frequent because of the screen getting turned off. This app can address this problem and you can resume your data transfer from the same state as before the screen went into off state. This will also prevent the device from problems like overheating if you are performing processor centric activities like streaming video and gaming.


This app to be installed after android rooting is perfectly crafter for users who are on android platform on more than one device. Lets say you’ve tablet and a phone, this app will sync all data, pictures and videos on all devices you are commonly logged in to via this app. It uses auto cloud computing service.

BusyBox Installer

This post android rooting app is available in the form of a small executable. This packages power to issue UNIX like commands to the phone users. Many apps that require root permissions are solely dependent upon this app to run their scripts and pass on commands to the CPU. For this reason, the custom ROMs have this app auto installed while android rooting process.

Samba FileSharing

This app enables you to highlight SD card on your android phone and use it to broadcast your files over a secured network.

Pimp My ROM

This is rather an all in one tweaking tool. You can cause a huge improvement in the android experience when you tweak certain bits and pieces that are most commonly annoying to you otherwise. It has init.d scripts that can enable tweaking with convenience. You can play around with this app to decide on the perfect tweaks as per your liking for your android device.

QTA RootKeeper

This app serves great utility in terms of where you can keep your Root access by taking a backup of it and storing at a location convenient to you. Once you have performed the backup, you can flash your android device and install OTA updates and restore your root permissions via this app.

Chainfire 3D

For android users who are still stuck up with native android OS like the Froyo and Gingerbread, for them this is a savior for installing and playing high end game. This app serves as a middleware between native OS and the graphic driver, allowing users to enable graphic requirements to an extent as demanded by their games.

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